Isabel enjoys engaging with readers and creators of all ages. She has experience teaching students K-5, University level, as well as professionals. Her lectures/workshops/readings are all tailored to the needs of her audience.
When presenting to children K-1, Isabel reads a picture book, talks about how it was made and leads a drawing exercise. When presenting to grades 2-5 she discusses sources of inspiration, the book-making process, the value of perseverance, making mistakes and her own struggles with perfectionism. She then leads the class in a generative art-making/writing activity. Limited to 120 students per presentation (though ideal group size is 40).
When presenting to beginners, soon-to be published illustrators and/or mid-career creators, Isabel discusses her creative journey from book collector to creator, her book-making process, and gives advice on how to survive (and thrive) as a creative professional. If there is time, she leads the class in a generative art making activity.
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“In early planning meetings, Isabel was thoughtful, flexible, and responsive to our community's needs and interests. She crafted an engaging presentation about the Team Pom series that shared her inspiration and process, then led a character zine-making workshop for attendees. Isabel's presentation was inviting, warm, and funny and she successfully played to an audience with students across our K-12th grade range and grown ups in attendance. I cannot recommend her enough as a speaker and workshop leader. We love Team Pom!”
Megan Westman,
Lower School Librarian, Nightingale-Bamford School

"Isabel was fun, interactive and engaging with our 3rd graders, and held their undivided attention for 30 minutes, which is no easy feat! Her presentation was a great combination of her material, her process and teaching the kids how to draw like she does. We loved having her and can't wait to have her back!" 
Jesseca Salky,
Parent, Westorchard Elementary School

“Isabel is a great mentor and an excellent speaker. She is very knowledgeable and has great energy. Always very kind and willing to share honest and in-depth advice. She helped me find the heart of my PB story and gave me great ideas for pursuing it. I can’t be more thankful.” 
Roxsy Lin, 
Mentee, 2022 Highlights Summer Picture Book Camp

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