The Adventures of Team Pom 2
Flying Eye, October 4, 2022
Paperback, 96 pages, full color
From Flying Eye:
Roberta, Ruby and Agnes are back for a summer of mis-adventuring in Shadyside! This time, they've got their sights set on becoming the natural history scientists of the future—but their plans are about to be rudely interrupted by the nefarious Steve and his band of ruffians. Steve's got his beady eyes on New York City, and he's using every scheme in his collection to finally achieve criminal glory!
With the fate of the Big Apple in their hands, can Team Pom save the day yet again? And will they ever get time for a well-deserved snack?
“A little James Bond, a little Wes Anderson, and a lot of fun. Readers will love the larger-than-life characters and the offbeat jokes, brought to life in cool tones with pops of warmer hues, especially orange. Anyone seeking a creative storyline and droll humor should look no further. Quirky, inspired fun.” 
– Kirkus Reviews
“Team Pom members Agnes, Ruby, and Roberta decide their summer mission: being junior naturalists at the American Museum of Natural History...Three BIPOC leads in an urban Queens setting makes Roxas's latest an absolute standout among comedic graphic novels. The rustic palette and clever use of double-page panel sequences offer visual distinction to this laugh-out-loud romp. Back matter includes a steamed bun recipe. VERDICT Team Pom's action-packed high jinks are not to be missed. For maximum silliness, read alongside book one.”
–School Library Journal

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