Our Skin
Rise x Penguin Workshop, March 2021
Board Book, 36 pages, full color
Praise for Our Skin:

If there were ever a concept that was difficult to break down into terms accessible to young children, it is the concept of race, so adults will welcome Our Skin for its ability to do just that. 
The illustrations depict humans of every hue, age, and size in so many shades of melanin. From there, the text transitions fluidly to explain, very succinctly, the pseudoscience behind white supremacy that led to racism. A few examples of what racism looks like in children’s worlds make this concept tangible and ripe with opportunities to keep the conversation going, which is precisely the purpose of this series of First Conversations books. 
— Amina Chaudhri, Booklist
ALSC Notable Book 2021           
SLJ Best Book 2021                                                                              
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